Wacky Tie Films employs four people on a regular basis, but we also have a wide network of top notch freelancers we hire for our projects. If you’d like to work with us or are in need of a good video idea, don’t hesitate to get in touch! The everyday Wacky family includes us:

Pasi Hakkio
Pasi HakkioProduction Wizard
+358 50 359 3512
Niina Virtanen
Niina VirtanenProduction wizard
+358 40 776 6799

Niina is in charge of producing and managing all Wacky Tie projects, is in contact with clients and generally takes care of paperwork. She also tries to keep up with writing by writing scripts, short stories and various articles. Her free time is surrounded by live music, dance and photography. To a deserted island Niina would take a box set of musicals and dance movies from the 1970’s and 80’s.

Ville Hakonen
Ville HakonenShooting sorcerer
+358 400 615 870

Nowadays Ville can mostly be found behind the camera but graduated as an editor, so he also works in post production all the way to color grading. During his freetime Ville enjoys pub quizzes, playing the bass and guitar and collecting vinyl albums. To a deserted island Ville only has one movie option to take with him: Terminator 2.

Jussi Sandhu
Jussi SandhuPostmaster
+358 40 729 2037

Jussi is mostly an editor. But because editing is also kind of writing, Jussi also writes. But because writing is always observing life in one way or another, Jussi is also currently directing his first short documentary. To a deserted island Jussi would take The Room by Tommy Wiseau.