Project Description

Short fiction, 2015

A secluded sect called “The Sky People” has gotten into a crisis. Its charismatic leader Satu has fallen ill with a strange decease and followers one by one have abandoned her. In the decaying cult center the last loyal successor, young Niilo, takes care of his withering leader. But Niilo’s faith will be tested when a message from the stars tells that the final solution is at hand. Is death an illusion, as Satu says?

Directed by

Aino Suni


Emil Kihlström
Emilia Pokkinen
Jari Virman
Jussi Myllymäki

Written by

Aino Suni and Ulla Heikkilä


Niina Virtanen


Kerttu Hakkarainen


Jussi Sandhu

Color grade 

Ville Hakonen

Sound design

Pinja Mustajoki


Tommi Mäki

Set design

Salla Lehtikangas

Costume design

Aino Suni

Make-up artist

Elina Kymäläinen


Concorto Film Festival – Italy 2015