Project Description

Short documentary, 2015

In 2012, a Tanzanian girls’ football team arrives in Finland to play football in Helsinki Cup. None of the girls have ever travelled outside their home region before, and they have great expectations on how the international tournament will affect their future. However, when the girls return home, their expectations seem to be left unfulfilled: school isn’t going well, people are jealous, the team is falling apart, and some of their neighbours don’t even believe the girls have been anywhere at all. The documentary tells a story about life, dreams, and fair play: The play may be fair in the pitch, but not so much in life itself.

Original name

Reilu peli

Directed and written by

Tommi Rajala


Julia Elomäki and Niina Virtanen

Cinematography and color grade

Mikko Parttimaa


Ville Hakonen ja Jussi Sandhu

Sound design

Arttu Hokkanen


Kimmo Helén


Nordisk Panorama – Sweden 2015
One World Romania Human Rights Documentary Film Festival – Romania 2016
Barcelona Sports Film Festival – Spain 2016
Zanzibar International Film Festival – Tanzania 2016
Belo Horizonte International Short Film Festival – Brazil 2016
Guangzhou International Documentary Festival – China 2016