About us.

Wacky Tie Films is a film production company based in Tampere, established in 2012.

Our core values are original, socially conscious, collaborative and not shit. We value good storytelling, teamwork, and a relaxed work environment. Our goal is to create high-quality, accessible, and engaging films that appeal to a global audience.

We take great care in producing each of our unique films, and we aim to continue working with bold and innovative filmmakers in the future. In addition to production, our expertise in editing allows us to offer our services to other production companies and contribute to the creation of exceptional films around the world.

Our office is situated in the heart of the Tampere film scene in Kehräsaari, which is also home to the Cinema Niagara movie theater and the Pirkanmaa Film Centre.


Wacky Tie Films employs five people on a regular basis, but we also have a wide network of top notch freelancers we hire for our projects.

Below introductions of us and sweet spot bingos that reveal what tickles our fancy topic-wise.


Producer, all-round dude, bureaucrat. Works include developing projects, sparring scripts, using the power drill, driving a car, getting excited about accounting.
Pasi Sweet Spot -Bingo »

Line producer, peoples and projects person. Works include organizing and making things happen, big and small. Taking care of projects, people and buns.

Editor, director, film doctor. Works include editing, dramaturgy, scriptwriting, making quizzes and bingos for company parties and knowing the best lunch places.
Jussi Sweet Spot -Bingo »

Editor, documentary cinematographer, emotional support. Works include enjoying artistic collaborations, technical tinkering, payment of salaries and having holidays. With a versatile job description he tries to keep his mind from becoming rutted.

Ville doesn’t believe in labels or categories. Just say no to bingo!

Editor, director, scriptwriter, production assistant. Thrives at the experimental end. Works include development of films by writing and editing, dramaturgy, sending films to festivals and catching all wackys when they fall under all the stress.
Hanna Sweet Spot -Bingo »

We value good storytelling, teamwork, and a relaxed work environment.

Wacky tie films top ten


Wacky Tie Films was invented in a pub in Camden, London. At least the name was. That's pretty much all Jussi and Ville remember from that night


Metallica’s Kirk Hammett once tweeted our music video


At the afterparty of our sports documentary “Reflecting Ice” we ran the Cooper test and attended a barre lesson. Normally our parties are said to be fun


We're practically celebrities. While attending a film festival in Tallinn, we met Scooter. Ville has played ball with Tommy Wiseau. Bill Murray’s shoulder once touched with Jussi’s


How to Kill a Cloud’s film shoots included a day with the Rainbow Sheikh and his 300 cars in a United Arab Emirates desert


At our third birthday party in 2015 we organized a cake competition. The winner was called Marriage Cake because people wondered if they could marry the cake. We still have dreams about the cake


Wacky Tie Films medals exist. In 2018 we awarded them to... ourselves


There's a box in our office where we save new movie ideas. We usually check the box once a year at our Christmas Party and don't understand the ideas at all


Peter von Bagh visited our office in 2013. He stood by the door and said "jaahas”


Our parents have also worked in several of our productions, for instance as handymen and in catering