Wacky Tie Films is a fresh and fuzzy film production company from Tampere, Finland founded in 2012.

We believe in good stories, the power of moving images and the art of craftsmanship. Although we act locally, the language of cinema is universal; our films are meant for the whole world to see. Film travels and so do we – our projects have already taken us to six different continents, for instance to a film festival in China and a film shoot in the United Arab Emirates. One film actually took place in space! Well ok, that was a special effect. We can do those too!

Storytelling is not dependent on the latest technical tools or buckloads of cash. We’re driven by passion and creative minds cannot be measured with money – there’s always ways to bring good ideas to life when you’re not afraid to search for new ways to do so.

Come search with us – our office is located in the center of Tampere, Kehräsaari in the same premises with Pirkanmaa Film Centre. We’re always happy to make a cup of joe to a friendly visitor, do drop by. Some days there’s cake too!